Thursday 5 May 2011

A lunchtime shindig with the dawgs at Maverick!

Well I never what a smashing day (apart from the rain which played havoc with my carefully coiffured barnet)
One spent the morning perusing the works at the Illustration Cupboard, they are about to start hanging an exhibition of Edward Ardizzone's work which is set to be a cracker - pop down if you happen to be in the area!
Dodging the rain and making an impromptu stop at Fortnum's to stock up on Gentleman's Relish I made my way to lunch with the fine folk at Maverick Publishing.

The pocket rocket that is Steve "Top Dawg" Bicknell welcomed me with open arms and promptly thrust a Gin and Tonic into ones hand. It was smashing to mingle with the guys, Natasha, Tricia and Kim were a delight and it was utterly smashing to meet author of The Fearsome Beastie Mr Giles Paley-Phillips (a thoroughly nice chap!)

After gobbling down a magnificent feast we sat back and listened to Steve rave about all the fab new books they have publishing in May!
The afternoon was polished off with a splendiferous creme brulee and by the time we had finished nattering the rain had stopped!

THANK YOU Steve and co for inviting me along to hear about your lovely books! and a special thanks with a cherry on top to Giles Paley-Phillips - Can't wait to read his next book!

A fearsome beastie? only if you try to share his pud!

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