Tuesday 21 June 2011

A sneaky sleepy peek at David Melling's brand new not even nearly published Hugless Douglas book!

Those of you who regularly sniff books with me will know that I have a particular penchant for the work of lovely gentleman of the paintbrush - Mr David Melling.

My particular favorites are the Hugless Douglas books - (I will be reviewing Don't Worry Douglas very shortly!) So as you can imagine when David very kindly sent me this painting my eye's nearly popped out of my puggy little head with joy.

Well much joy and merriment ensued as today David  sent me something that made my heart skip a beat - a very top secret indeed sneak peek at some work in progress from book three in the Hugless Douglas series - Here is a bit from David about these pictures ...

"As promised here is a sneak preview of artwork for DOUGLAS AND THE BIG
. This shows a  "before, during and after"
Briefly, the story opens with Douglas being invited to Rabbit's house
for a sleepover. He packs and dashes off but n his hurry to get there
he soon gets lost in the woods, climbs a tree for a better look, slips
and lands in a bush...THE bush, inhabited by the sheep...and that's
when the story really begins..."



FINISHED! ...Perfection

I can't wait to see the finished book - I hope you agree this looks like a blinkin' bloomin' corker!

Three cheers and three sheep for David Melling - We slaute you!


  1. That's a lovely piece of work that is! How lucky you are to get such a sneaky peek : )

  2. Thanks for posting this, really interesting to see the workings, I love David Melling's stuff :)


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