Wednesday 13 July 2011

A day trip to the north with "the delightful" Simon Bartram

Well Lorks-a-Lordy - I have been "up north" ...

Can you imagine? I never thought I'd see the day, but do you know what - I had a smashing time. 

I arrived first thing to be collected in a horse and carriage by none other than Scribble Maniac Sir Christopher Mould - Always nice to see a friendly face and he even treated me to a fine cup of northern tea before a whirlwind tour of his fabulous studio, set in the regal surroundings of Dean Clough - He's a very talented chap indeed, it was smashing to stick my nose in his sketch books and have a good rummage in his draws.

The MASTER at work...

Image (c) Chris Mould

Images (c) Chris Mould

From Leeds I hot-footed it across town to Huddersfield where I met with the ever so charming Simon Bartram - What a lovely lovely chap - utterly delightful. 

He's been busy working away on the latest Bob picture book which sounds fan-bloomin-tastic! 
I had a sniff through his sketch books and looked at all his old comics. 
I do believe I fell in love with him at first sight and as you can see from the picture below
I think he felt the same ; )

I was then lucky enough to watch his event where he entertained a room full of librarians who sat open mouthed and aghast  as Simon explained that some of his individual painting for the Bob books take up to 5 WEEKS! He is a craftsman if ever I met one. He also tried to convert them to his first love Football ..but to no avail.

Well what a sterling day - I'd love to go back sometime - I hear that Seven Stories is worth a visit. I might even treat Mr Mould and Mr Bartram to a pint of fine ale to say thank you for such a wonderful trip (I shall have a small Babycham..with a straw!)

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