Sunday 25 September 2011

The Totally Terrifying Three - Totally TERRIFIC!

The Totally Terrifying Three
Written by Hiawyn Oram and illustrated David Melling...

Do I look scared?

I was taking a long soak in the tub on Saturday morning, loufer in one paw, pink flowery shower cap atop my head and an abundance of rubber duckies bobbing about me when I was most rudely interrupted by a loud and persistent banging at the front door.

I jumped out of the bath with a start and hurriedly donned my bath robe - It was thankfully not Avon calling but my good friend The Postman - he trust a wondrous package into my hands with the familiar markings of Sir David Melling stamped upon it.

Callooh callay what delightful treats would we find inside...

I could feel the familiar corners of a hardback picture book through the jiffy which almost always causes my heart to palpitate.

Out burst a copy of The Totally Terrifying Three - written by Hiawy Oram and illustrated by old friend of the Sniffer the squeezesome David Melling.

Some of you may remember the Rumblewick stories created by Hiawyn a few years back, (illustrated most skillfully by the ever so talented Sarah Warburton).

Hiawyn writes in a most poetic fashion (perhaps a throwback from her thespian days) she a particular nack for carefully crafting fully formed characters in just a small smattering of words. Hiawyn has managed to create a text here which if it were a Witches cauldron would have a pinch of rhyme, a sprinkle of interaction, an smattering of repetition and a big spoonful of humour.

Hiawyn and David were not a partnership I would have naturally put together but this book has brought them together in perfect harmony. (must be something to do with those visionary editors and designers at Hodder Children's Books!)

The Totally Terrifying Three consist of a big fat cumbersome fire breathing dragon, a stumpy grumpy little wicked witch and a stubbly GIANT in a sharp suit. All three think they are ever so ever so terrifying and scare themselves to bits assuming they will have the same effect on the everyday folk.


The (not so) Terrifying three try their best to terrify each other but fail miserably so they set about finding an easier victim - this new victim comes in the form of a saccharine sweet little toddler dressed in a teeny weeny bunny suit. Try as they might the cunning toddler isn't scared one bit and one by one charms the Terrifying three into not being scary at all. They mend their ways and promise to be lovely and charming from that day forth...well almost they still like to scare themselves in the mirror every now and again!

Davids masterful character illustrations never fails to impress and his subtly spooky autumnal pallet bring this story to life - he is a true craftsman.

 you can follow him on twitter @DavidMelling1 to find out more about his work (he posts regular sneak peeks inside his sketch books which are a REAL treat)

This book is far from terrifying and is actually rather terrific!
A spooktacularly splendiferous riotous tale perfect for Halloween and anything in between! Purchase/pre-order it HERE

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