Sunday 15 January 2012

Sniffing Bookshelves!

There are many small (sometimes guilty) pleasures in life, rearranging books in the book shop, having butter AND peanut butter on toast, Gentleman’s Relish straight from the tin, Sniffing books!
It will come as no surprise to you fellow sniffers that one of my MOST guilty pleasures is sniffing other people’s book shelves (I bet you do it too!)

On relocating to Book Sniffer Towers I took the opportunity to do something I have never previously been at liberty to do due to my deep seated book seller heritage, I arranged my book shelf by colour (Shock horror), I think you’ll find the result a wonderful rainbow of picture booky delight.

So here for your delectation and delight are a myriad of bookshelves belonging to some of my absolutely most best beloved authors and illustrators … have a good sniff, you might find something you like! There’s a world of undiscovered gems, old favourites and ones to add to the Christmas list ! ENJOY!
Cat Rayner's very tidy shelves. (join her fabulous Facebook page here...)
Owen "too cool for school" Davey author od Foxly's Feast and Knight Night- check out his website here!
Mark " cheeky monkey" Chambers !  follow his blog here...

Cosy loveliness at casa Cat Rayner author of the delectable Augustus and his Smile, Sylvia and Bird, Harris Finds His Feet, Ernest, Norris and Posy  ! visit her website here...

A sneak peek in the man-pad of Ben Rothery - ch-ch-check out Bens website here
Paul "The Legend" Thurlby Author of Alphabet published by Templar- visit his swanky website
Sarah Underwood

Sarah Underwood
Steven Lenton - take a tour of of Lentons world of scrumptiousness here
Katy Dynes - visit her fab website here

Dawn Finch
Julia Graves
David Melling creator of Hugless Douglas  - follow him on twitter @DavidMelling1 or visit his website

James "sweeter than a sugar mouse in a top hat"  Mayhew - and illustrator of the Katie and Ella Bella  books check out his fab author  blog here  
Creator of Colin the Cat and Sunny McCloud Leigh "loopy locks"  Hodgkinson - visit her blog here
A HUGE CHOCOLATEY THANK YOU to all of the contributers! You are all super-fabulous!

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