Wednesday 22 February 2012

WORLD BOOK DAY! *Toooty fanfare!*

Good Morning Sniffers. The most wonderful day of the year is almost upon us at last! (1ST OF MARCH - GET IT IN YOUR DIARY!)


On WBD I shall be lucky enough to spend the day with lots and lots of my most favourite bookish sniffers .. I shall be dallying with David Melling, cadding about town with Chris Mould and hopefully sticking my snout well and truly and quite firmly into as many books as possible. 
I shall update you on my trip to the big smoke on the 2nd March lavishing you with a few photos of my adventures but for now let me leave you with some very important information about the serious and truly awe inspiring side of World Book Day

 World Book Day is an enormous celebration of books and all that they represent for us (including those of us who like to sniff the odd one!). They give us so much in terms of imagination, education and inspiration.But it's easy to forget how privileged we are.
In Kenya, for example, hundreds of thousands of children never finish primary school, whether because of their own sickness, or because they must tend to a sick relative, or simply because they need to work to survive. Extreme poverty and HIV/Aids are commonplace.
Those who do finish primary school often don't have even a single book in their classroom. Unsurprisingly, reading and writing skills are poor, and the children's chances of fulfilling their potential are slim.

Book Aid International works to change all of this.
Of the more than 500,000 books sent to sub-Saharan Africa last year, about 330,000 were for children in schools and libraries. Winnie, one of those Kenyan primary school children who would otherwise not be learning to read or write, goes to the Kisii library in Kibuye. She told us: “I like reading books because books are the things that motivate us and let us be what we want.”
If you'd like to support World Book Day in aid of Book Aid International, there are many ways to get involved. []

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  1. Looking forward to hearing your report. I really like David Melling's work for one :)
    Thought you might be interested, but I just found out that you can register to watch World Book Day talks online here:


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