Wednesday 6 June 2012


Rabbityness - Written and Illustrated by Jo Empson, published by Child's Play

Much the same way as I enjoy doing "puggy" things like sniffing picture books and practising the art of he hand tied bow tie Rabbit enjoys doing rabbity things including jumping, hopping and whisker twirling,

But Rabbit also loves doing un-rabbity things like painting and making beautiful tunesome music!

When Rabbit suddenly disappears, no one knows where he has gone. (One hopes that he hasn't gone to the big hutch in the sky.. I am assured not but who knows!)

Rabbits companions are lost without his mesmerising melodies and magical paintings brigthening up the woodland. But, as it turns out, Rabbit has left behind some very special gifts for his friends to help them discover their own unrabbity talents!

Rabbityness celebrates individuality, encourages creativity and positively introduces children to dealing with loss in it's many forms in a sensitive, accessible and positive way.

A stunning, joyful contemporary debut picture book by former graphic designer and author/illustrator Jo Empson,

This beautiful modern rabbity tale is utterly charming and packed with soul, destined to be a classic of the future.
Vibrant to the point of bursting with vivid juicy colour.

We Give Rabbityness 5 shiny golden carrots out of 5!

LOVELY endpapers too...

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