Friday 14 December 2012

Everybody do the PHLUNK

A couple of jolly weeks ago a wonderful parcel landed upon the doormat at Book Sniffer Towers, it was a book all tied up beautifully with newspaper and string. My heart Fluttered. 

Inside was a book you may not have seen in the shops, its called The Phlunk. First brought to my attention via Twitter by it's illustrator Tori Elliot. 

This is a wonderful lulling rhyme about an imaginary creature who keeps watch over the world beautifully illustrated by Tori and Written by musician Lou Rhodes for her own children. 
In an interesting twist Tori's vision of The Phlunk entered in a university competition won her the opportunity to illustrate the whole book. This story reminded me of Native American folklore tales told round a campfire, Very dreamy and atmospheric.  

I was most grateful to receive my very own copy of this comforting and happy tale. THANK YOU Tori. 

We would like to wish Lou and Tori the very best of luck with this new adventure. 

Read more about this book and others at 

Follow Tori on Twitter @ToriDraws

You can buy your very own copy of The Phlunk here

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