Wednesday 23 January 2013

Belle and Boo..

In the midst of the snow flurries two charming little characters have arrived at Book Sniffer Towers, and they brought cake! 
It's none other than Mandy Sutcliffe's utterly enchanting duo 
Belle & Boo.

Belle and Boo best friends on sunny days , rainy days and dreamy-let's-be-lazy-days,

Yummy Scrummy Day  (Out now in Hardback and available in all good book shops) tells the familiar tale of a fussy eater, in this case Boo. Boo is quite positively 100% certainly ONLY going to eat cake and most definitely NOT anything else, *especially things which are eggy, sharp, hot OR soupy!
Belle has other ideas and comes up with a cunning plan to take Boo's mind off cake. Together they organise a feast for Snuffly Elephant and set about gathering interesting ingredients from the garden. 

After much foraging of vegetables and fruit they set about cooking a delicious soup to be followed by some juicy steamy hot sweet baked apples. Stubborn old Boo still wants cake but as mouth watering smells emerge from the kitchen Boo thinks of a plan to join in with the feast.

Cobbling together an elaborate fancy dress disguise out of the toy box Boo (disguised and a lion) triumphantly gets to taste the delicious soup and sweet juicy baked apples with all of his friends and do you know what? he actually likes them. 

Opening a Belle& Boo book is almost like stepping through a wonderful wooden door into a friendly, innocent, sugared almond scented world. 
The stories though very sweet aren't schmaltzy in any way, in fact they are positively enchanting.
With delicious echos of A.A Milne the Belle & Boo books maintain a lovable identity all of their own oozing quality and class from every single page. 

The Belle & Boo books are published by Orchard Books - visit the Belle & Boo website here you can also follow them on Twitter

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