Sunday 24 February 2013

Ding Dong!

He's BIG, he's hairy, he looks great in a dress... No it's not Bill Bailey, it's bloomin hulking hunk of wonderfulness
Ding Dong Gorilla, written by delightful mustachioed gal about town Michelle Robinson and illustrated by lovely Leonie Lord. (published by Orchard Books)

DING DONG! ...better get that door there's an unexpected guest of gigantic proportions looming and he's looking for mischief and mayhem.

Well the 'poor little unsuspecting' boy in this story does just that and far from the extra cheesy pizza he ordered he finds a honking great gorilla!

Chaos ensues and in a flurry of twists and turns, that mischievous ape gets up to all manner of naughty business including dressing up in a fetching yellow frock, depositing a bundle of DVDs down the toilet and attempting to bake a cake.

You've guessed it no corner of the house is left unscathed but there is a cunning twist in this clever tale ...Little Sniffers will just love anticipating the pickles unfolding on every page.

Leonie has created what I would consider to be THE perfect picture book Gorilla.. PERFECT!

Will Ding Dong gorilla pay for his misdemeanours? Will the pizza delivery boy ever get paid? Will mum discover who really picked all the flowers in the garden and broke the window with a football... More importantly what will Mary Berry think of Ding Dong gorillas attempt at his signature bake?
A rip-roaring-double-crossing-giggle-a-minute
picture book with extra cheese!

All will be revealed. I urge you to pop out and buy a copy before one just turns up on your doorstep!

This dynamic duo are a magical partnership of creative wonderment. Michelle is utterly masterful and completely insightful in her cleverly appealing chucklesome texts and Leonie has created what I would go so far as to say is a darned near perfect picture book gorilla.

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You can purchase your very own Ding Dong Gorilla here...

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  1. I love the idea of a mischievous gorilla... especially one drawn so lovingly!


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