Monday 25 March 2013

Martha and the Bunny Brothers - I Love Bedtime - An illustrated interview

It is fair to say that when I'm not perched upon my picture book sniffing cushion, one mostly likes to be tucked up beneath a thick quilt and some fine quality Egyptian cotton sheets with a big pile of picture books. 
Bedtime is absolutely one of my MOST favourite times 
of day.

Purely by chance one of my best-beloved illustrators has just created a beautiful picture book celebrating just that.
Clara Vulliamy's charming Martha and the Bunny Brothers hit centre stage once again in I LOVE Bedtime (published by Harper Collins Children's Books)

I LOVE Bedtime is the second in the tuttifruity-fabulous picture book series Martha and the Bunny Brothers, hotly pursuing  I Love School (read our review here), we once again find ourselves smack bang in the midst of the family hubbub that is life in the bunny household. 

Clara's masterful and unique observation of the quirks and joys of everyday life will have little readers pouring over the pages of these books for hours. 

Blossoming with bright vibrant illustrations and written in the voice of Martha Bunny, these books cleverly explore the momentous events in a young bunnies life, such as going to school and the thrills of an evening with a cool babysitter. 

Each page is fit to burst with scrumptious detail and little things to spot and discuss,which partnered with the  
classic contemporary text make a perfect read together book.

Accessible, engaging, entertaining and utterly charming!   

Well it just so happens Martha Bunny is also a good chum of mine and she has very kindly agreed to get her crayons out and help with our very first illustrated Book Sniffer interview (with a little help sharpening her pencils from dear Clara)

So here Sniffers is my bedtime interview with one of the hippiest hoppiest bunnies in town!

What would do your dream slippers look like? Mine are tartan with red piping and very smart indeed (though I might say so myself) 

I'm a big fan of a small snifter and a triangular gentleman's relish sandwich before bed, What's your perfect pre-bedtime treat?
Which of your beloved toys would make the best guests at a sleepover?
Obviously I know there isn't one *quivers beneath the duvet* BUT if there was, what does the monster in the cupboard on the hallway look like? 

I recently discovered a sixpence, a matchbox, three lost socks and a caterpillar underneath my bed, What's underneath your bed?

What do you most like to read by torchlight under the covers?
As well as the obligatory satsuma, walnut and small net of chocolate coins, What would you like to find nestled in a stocking at the end of your bed on Christmas morning?

I'm pretty sure my dear old bear Binky has been out and about gallivanting in the middle of the night, Where would you go on an adventure if perchance one of your toys magically came alive in the middle of the night? 

What makes the perfect breakfast after a long night of blissful Zzzz filled slumber?

I think you'll agree Martha certainly has a talent for drawing! what larks and a huge THANK YOU and triumphant congratulations to Clara.

I MUST draw your to you attention The Bedtime Bunny's song which you will find on Clara's fabulous website here 
I'll admit I was agog and dewy eyed to discover that Clara had made her very own musical box, Simply-unbelievably wonderful, It will brighten up your day!

You can also follow Clara on Twitter @claravulliamy

See more of Clara's books here.. 

Hold on to your hats! 

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