Saturday 22 February 2014

Hector and the Big Bad Knight by Alex T Smith

With a triumphant medieval tooty fanfare here it is - 
The ultimate tale of good conquering over evil and
small becoming MIGHTY 
in a battle of epic proportions! 

Hector and the Big Bad Knight 
written & illustrated by Alex T Smith 
Published by Scholastic

This tale begins in the sleepy bunting bedecked hamlet of 'Spottybottom' 
A happy trouble free village with the reddest apples and the happiest chickens. 
The peace and tranquillity is brutally shattered when Hector's Granny's magic wand is pinched in one swipe by none other than the BIG BAD KNIGHT! a rapscallion of THE most dastardly order. 

Dashing AND Dastardly

After a hastily organised emergency town meeting, Hector takes it upon himself to retrieve the treasured magic wand - all by himself (well almost all by himself, his trusty sidekick Norman the chicken comes along for the ride) 
Things to spot on this page: Not fussed sheep and temporary foot rest 

The Spottybottom villagers are more than a little dubious that a chap of such a minute and muscle-free stature should take on the Big Bad Knight (this simply can't end well) 

But Hector has a plan!...

With a gingham knapsack filled with useful things Hector and Norman set off in hot pursuit.... and this is how a brutishly bristly yet mysteriously dashing knight with a 'been there slain that' attitude takes on his smallest most cunning adversary yet.

Will Hector prove he is braver and more mighty than his weedy stature suggests? 

Will the Big Bad Knight get his comeuppance? 

...and will Granny ever get her beloved magic wand back? 

I do hope you enjoy this story in all it's anarchic glory as much as I did, a book packed with mild peril, dragons,  pooh and crisps.  

Everyone has the potential to be a hero - no matter what. (...and never leave the house without a packet of crisps just in case of unexpected encounters with big fierce dragons) 

We give this book a HUGE triumphant tooty fanfare of approval, a poop-tacular picture book of 
magnificent proportions. 

Nab a copy of this magical adventure NOW 

Alex T. Smith

This is Alex's 9th picture book, can you believe it!? 
That man deserves a Knighthood for services to Children's Literature - someone get on the blower to the Queen. 

From princesses with pugs to sly foxes and cross dressing alligators Alex has an eclectic and limitless imagination. It appears he can unlock his inner child at a moments notice thus creating timeless family favourites over and over again. 
As always Alex's magnificent flair for creating books which appeal to adults and children across the board is apparent in Hector, what could be more important than creating a book which encourages a shared story experience, this book is gallant and triumphant and if it gives one little person the courage to be brave, confident, bold and clever then we should all give this book our golden seal of approval. 

Etch/sketch style mash-up BRAVO
Rarely have I witnessed an illustrator rocket so deservedly to the giddying heights to which Alex has in such a short time, and it's simply down to four facts...
  1. Alex is incredibly hard working, 
  2. Hugely talented, 
  3. Boundlessly kind 
  4. And he still draws for pleasure every single day 

Please visit his blog HERE, it's an utter treat.

With Thanks to Alex, Always 

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