Monday 19 May 2014

Review: Olive and the Embarrassing Hat by Tor Freeman

I have been an over enthusiastic fan of Olive since she first appeared on my book shelf in 'Olive and the BIG Secret' , since then I have been thrilled and delighted by Olive and her menagerie of mates on three occasions secondly in 'Olive and the Bad Mood' and now in perhaps my favourite Olive adventure thus far in 'Olive and the Embarrassing Hat' 

In this joyful exploration of the outer limits of friendship Olive is given a rather outlandish hat by her best pal Joe. Together they wear their matching hats but Olive becomes increasingly self conscious and in a fit of embarrassment discards her precious gift. 

Will Joe EVER forgive Olive and how can Olive possibly make it up to her best friend? 

A beautifully written cleverly observed story about being proud of who you are and treasuring your friends. 

Tor is an intuitive and imaginative storyteller and her use of a joyous eye boggling technicolor palette really bring these beautiful books to life. Each of these stories subtly broaches themes and 'emotions' many parents of young children will be very familiar with and can be used to discuss these in a non confrontational, indirect and enjoyable way. 

Great stories to read in a group with lots of opportunity to invent funny voices for each of these hilarious characters. 

Utterly purrrfect, a fantastic feline triumph of the highest order! 

Bravo! Encore Olive, see you again soon we hope. 


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