Wednesday 23 July 2014

Summer picks with a cherry on top!

Specs for Rex by Yasmeen Ismail Published by Bloomsbury 


One of my favourite up and coming illustrators award-winning Yasmeen Ismail has come up trumps with this cracking picture book.
Specs for Rex is a technicolour tale of triumph over lack of self confidence. Poor little Rex 

(king of his Pre-school) has to wear specs which he realy doesn't like very much, to avoid embarassment he tries EVERYTHING to get rid of his snazzy glasses to great comedic effect but will the thick framed uber cool goggs save the day when teacher looses her whistle. A brilliant positive story with a contemporary spice to it's storytelling. Set to be a roaring sucecess showcasing pure artistic brilliance on each and every spread Yasmeen is a super talent to keep a keen eye on, Simply magnificent. 
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The Hueys in 'None the Number a Counting Adventure' by Oliver Jeffers
published by Harper Collins

A hugely witty offering from picture book meastro Oliver Jeffers, the third and perhaps the most charming of the Huey books, in 'None the Number' we investigate numbers 1-10 (and zero).

A beautifully simple series of picture books origonating from a doodle in a sketchbook spotted by his publisherd and named Huey in dedication to his grandfather who called all of his grandchildren Huey. 
Wonderfully abstract and in places comletely bonkers in others. This is my kind of counting book! 

Thoroughly enjoyed and heartily recomended. 10/10

NB: for mathematical purists there is a proper explanation of the importance of the number zero at the back of the book. 
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Bing 'Something for Daddy' by Ted Dewan Published by Harper Collins

I have been a HUGE Bing fan for years and years so it was such a delightful surprise to see his jolly face again. In 'Something for Daddy' Bing sets about making a magnificent shiny, sparkly, feathery gift for his daddy, be prepared to get covered from head to toe in sparkles. 

Ted has a marvellous ability to capture to pure mischivious nature of a young toddler and encapsulate it in fun and engaing scenarios. I especially like the zenlike parental role dear old Flop plays in keeping Bing out of too much mischief - Great books to read with three years olds, stylish and full of joy. Three cheers for Bing and a huge TOOT TOOT for dearest Flop. 

I managed to dig out one of my very old mini hardback Bing books which Ted kindly signed for me - I hope he's doing well, I haven't seen him for a while. 

More hot picks coming next week! 

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