Friday 5 September 2014

Smelly Louie by Catherine Rayner

There's a whiff in the air... The majestic pong of a brand new hit picture book by Greenaway medal winner Catherine Rayner. 

Smelly Louie immediately bursts with charm as we meet a freshly bathed mutt blooming with the scent of roses and apple blossom, needless to say our fragrant friend is not happy about this and with each turn of the page we join Louie on his quest to regain his familiar stench. 

Page by page the story unfurls introducing familiar creatures synonymous with the British countryside, from vibrant red foxes, to perfectly spiralling snails and fluttering ducks. Charming field mice sit comfortably side by side with majestic tabby kittens and slowly but surely dearest Louie rolls, squelches and rubs his way back to his old ponky ways. 

Catherine's beautifully framed illustrations weave expertly around her exquisite text and perfectly compliment the atmospheric colour palette. 

I ADORE this kitten! 

Another triumph from one of the most talented contemporary children's illustrators in the UK today.

I challenge you not to fall completely and utterly head over heels with Louie (smells and all)

You can buy 'Smelly Louie' 

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With thanks to Macmillan Children's Books for sending me a copy of this magnificent book.  

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