Wednesday 26 August 2015

Imelda and the Goblin King creator Briony May Smith shows us a sneak peek inside her sketchbook!

Flying Eye Books are legendary for creating magical heirloom books and award-winning future classics. Each book is created with passion, integrity and a true belief in making books to be treasured and cherished. 

One of the most stunning offerings this year comes from illustrator Briony May Smith, with a gaggle of impressive awards already under her belt Briony is without doubt destined to be a HUGE talent 

Briony's debut picture book Imelda and the Goblin King is a delightfully traditional and completely unique fairytale, shimmering with a gold embellished cover and fluttering with charming fairy creatures.
As fanciful as an actual fairy this story weaves a magical tale of brave and rambunctious Imelda and her quest to free the Fairy Queen from the simply gruesome Goblin King. 

With the help of a legion of delightful fairies of all shapes and sizes Imelda defeats the King and releases the Queen, henceforth becoming the queen of the Goblins and restoring calm to the once peaceful forest. 

This delicious fairy filled book flutters head and shoulders above the swathe of pink and glittery titles on offer, providing substance and magic in bucket loads and thoroughly embracing the wonderful innocent nature of a young imagination. 

We have an interview with Briony coming very soon along with a super handy step by step guide to drawing your very own fairy!

In the meantime just to whet your appetite here is a VERY exclusive sneak peek inside her sketch book - A work of magical wonderment - Three cheers for new illustrators on the block! 

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