Tuesday 29 September 2015

We're WILD about The Zoomers Handbook!

The Zoomers Handbook!
By Ana de Moraes Illustrated By Thiago de Moraes
Published by Andersen Press 
Ever tire of the humdrum nature of an urban existence? Fancy something a bit more exotic? Then it’s a Zoomers life for you. 
A hit at Bologna Book Fair last year, whispers soon began circulating of this magical mash-up and I have been eagerly anticipating it's arrival in the wild ever since.
The Zoomers Handbook is the stunningly produced debut picture book from brilliant Brazilian husband and wife team Ana and Thiago de Moraes...
This is not a handbook for farmers. Farmers look after chickens, cows and pigs. Anyone can do that. This is not a handbook for zookeepers. Zookeepers look after monkeys, elephants and lions. That's easy. This is a handbook for zoomers. Zoomers look after very special beasts... Discover the secret of the shiger's stripy wool, the challenges of owning a loyal but gigantic dogephant and the special skills of the super-fast horsodile in this mind-bending, creature- blending debut.

Thiago’s exquisite line work has a beautiful timeless Sendakian quality to it and the mixed-up creature combinations imagined by Ana will have you chuckling with delight as her beautifully joyful text jumps and twists off the pages with utter delight
Each delicious spread features beautifully bizarre re-imagined creatures and bonkers beasts (a mix of well recognised old favourites and more exotic critters) - Little sniffers will be rolling off the sofa with laughter as they work our which magical mash-ups are their favourites.
This is a Shiger from Thiago's sketch book..grrrrreat 

There are lot's of additional treats within the pages of this book too including 'Zoomers Field Notes' end papers' encouraging little Zoomerologists  to get up to speed on their Zoomer Poo identification, you never know when you might stumble upon a particularly fine example of Dogephant plop - Yikes!
A refreshing and traditional romp of a read and a complete treat to share, we can't wait for more from this dynamic duo. 
Look out for The Zoomers Handbook in my my Christmas Gift round-up in the next issue of WRD magazine
Congratulations to Ana and Thiago and the wonderful team at Andersen Press. 
To celebrate the publication of this very special picture book Andersen Press have helped us arranged an EXCLUSIVE once in a life time competition where you could WIN your very own hand drawn Zoomer, Created just for you, See mine below - My very first slightly awkward encounter with a real live Libbit! 

Here's how you can enter 
Tweet us a suggestion for a new crazy mixed up creature #zoomerscomp to @maybeswabey and @AndersenPress
Tweet us a photo of your pet and let us know which crazy creature you would most like it to be mixed up with
Send us a drawing or doodle of your imaginary creature could it be a Froose (Frog Goose) or a Slotter (Slug Otter) or a Manda (Monkey Panda!) The world is your Croyster (Crab Oyster) 
You can post HERE - OR HERE or you can even email you entires to me at emma.booksniffer,odonovan@gmail.com
Thiago and Ana will pick a winner on the 5th October 2015 and the winner will receive an original one off illustration of their creation and a signed copy of The Zoomers Handbook of their very own. 

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