Sunday 28 February 2016

SHAZAAAaam - Life is Magic by MAGNIFICENT Meg McLaren

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ALAKAZAM and piff paff poof
It's almost here! 
Life is Magic by Meg McLaren
publishes this week!

I have been waiting years for this book, literally YEARS, I first spotted Meg's exquisite work whilst browsing the magical world of Twitter, ever since I've been completely smitten. 
I was a thousand million miles over the moon when I heard that brilliant Libby Hamilton at Andersen Press had finally pulled this magnificent book out of the big publishing Top Hat. 
Meg's illustration style is delicious, cute but not too cute, cool yet uniquely accessible and full full FULL to the brim with clever humour and cheering charm. 

Life is Magic is nothing short of perfection, featuring a merry band of good-willed bunnies who belong to famous magician Monsieur Lapin
The great magician needs a new assistant and he thinks he knows just the rabbit for the job, Houdini is everything a good magicians assistant needs to be, he LOVES magic, he's good at looking after his fellow bunnies and he is very VERY enthusiastic.....What could possibly go wrong? Mayhem and back stage anarchy ensue in this picture perfect celebration of the wonderful world of magic. 

Although it is only March, 2016 has already been an interstellar year for children's books and in terms of book design Life is Magic is the creme de la creme

The attention to detail from the dust jacket with it's 'make your own magic trick' to the the hardback casing and the tiny advertisements dotted throughout, this book is an example of the love, passion and thought that goes into producing a truly magnificent book for children and adults alike. (Congratulations to all involved) 

Click HERE to learn how to draw your very own bunny! 

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