Thursday 30 June 2016

Love, laugh and most of all be kind.

It is impossible to deny that we are in the midst of dark and worrying times, an overwhelming gloom is trying it’s best to descend upon us but there is a sanctuary and it can be found on our bookshelves, there is so much joy, love, positivity and compassion to be found amidst the pages.  

Lets not wallow in a world filled with fear, intolerance, anger and hatred instead lets celebrate friendship, salute positivity and give our children the freedom to change things for the better and most of all give them hope.

Here is a very small section of some of my favourite books which promote friendship, inspiration and tolerance.

A joyfully naughty celebration of being yourself with confidence, a liberating "bare all" "tail" about discovering your inner wild side. Grrrrrreat! 

Published by Simon and Schuster

One boy, one whale and the unforgettable friendship that will last a lifetime. A beautifully sensitive depiction of a father and son relationship and the importance of nurturing the natural world. 

Published by Alison Green Books

An unforgettable pairing of girl and Dodo in this heart felt story about Martha and her very special top secret doughnut loving companion. A very happy ending is the cherry on the cake/doughnut. 

Published by Templar Publishing

An extraordinarily beautiful and lyrical picture book about guidance, friendship and conquering fears. 

Published by Flying Eye Books

Community is everything for our sociable friend Archie, bringing the residents of blossom street together in this celebration of diversity and working together. 

Published by Simon and Schuster

Smashing gender stereotypes and those associated with being a dragon. Sir Lily Pad fights the corner for the smaller members of society with charm and aplomb.  

Published by Templar Publishing

Snort laugh inducing chaos ensues as Olive struggles with an embarrassing situation. Will she ever be able to make it up to her best friend after an awkward misunderstanding. A complete joy and so very very funny.  

Published by Harper Collins

A book for every child's book shelf, beautiful, inspiring and honest. An utterly inspirational read and will have your little ones reaching for the highest heights. 

Published by Sterling

A Chinese whispers of smiles spreads, gently cheering and comforting as they go. A story celebrating family, community and the joy of giving.

Published by Templar Publishing

Buckets of positivity and hope in this beautiful book for the very young promoting mindfulness. 

Published by Orion Children's Books 

A stunning observation of a non-traditional friendship between a little girl and a sloth. Heartbreaking, giggle inducing and tear jerking in equal measures creating utter picture book perfection. 

Published by Child’s Play

Embracing change and tackling fears with the help of friends. Bright, vibrant and filled with joy. 

Published by Two Hoots

Who says being different means you can't be friends? Sometimes our differences make for the best friendchips of all. 

Published by Scribe

A story for broaching anxiety and how sometimes being yourself takes the most courage of all. 

Published by Orchard Books

Tender, poignant and touching. I challenge you not to get all watery eyed. 

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