Saturday 8 October 2016

NEW VLOG POST..PRESENTING Britta Teckentrup & beloved Oskar!

Hello Book Sniffers! 
This week we were lucky enough to welcome delightful illustrator and creator of Oskar Loves.. 
Britta Teckentrup to the Vlog. 
Here she is having a good old catch up 
with Book Sniffer roving reporter Steven Lenton.  

Oskar Loves… 
by Britta Teckentrup Published 
by Prestel £9.99 HB

There is an unadulterated delight in finding joy in the smallest of things; Oskar the crow does just that in this beautifully simple exploration happiness. From the silence of snow to eating sweet red cherries, this beautiful read will encourage young ones to indulge in an new found appreciation of the world around them - 5*s 

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