Wednesday 30 November 2016

Christmassy picture book treats to snuggle up with!

HAPPY 1st December everyone! as the count down begins, here for your delectation and delight are a small selection of tip top picture book picks perfect for sharing in the run up to the big day!

Otto The Book Bear - In the Snow 
By Katie Cleminson - Published by Penguin £6.99 PB 

Charming duo Otto and Ernest find themselves in a pickle as they have to find their way back to the library in time for the winter party! Packed with excitement and mild peril, this is just the kind of seasonal treat to curl up with on a cold night. Katie's wonderful drawings have a magical spontaneity about them and this seat gripping adventure showcases the very best in accessible contemporary illustration. 

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This is the Kiss 
By Claire Harcup and Gabriel Alborozo - Published by Walker Books £11.99 HB 

This book is a warm hug on a chilly night, a delight to read aloud with a little bear cub nestled in your arms and perfect to enjoy together just before bed. With it's exquisite illustrations and simple lyrical text this will no doubt be a story to share and share across many generations. 

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The Little Christmas Tree
By Jessica Courtney-Tickle Published by Big Picture Press £10.99 HB 

Immerse yourself in a picturesque winter wonderland as you are led gently through a myriad of frosted woodland scenes, Children will squeal with delight as they discover wonderful creatures and plants under the cleverly disguised flaps. 
A book to ignite a love and respect for the environment and it's inhabitants in even the youngest of readers. Bravo! 

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The Queens Present 
By Steve Antony - Published by Hodder Children's Books £11.99 HB 

Yet another magnificent triumph from illustrator Steve Antony, this time filled with hundreds upon hundreds of green felt clad elves. 
We join a well known monarch on her quest to find the perfect present for her grandchildren in this all too familiar last minute scenario. Joined by a rotund and rambunctious Father Christmas and several Corgis in winter attire we are whisked on a  magical adventure across continents.
Little readers will pour over the pages for hours marvelling at the detail on each spread as they explore famous landmarks and delight in the drama of last minute Christmas shopping.  

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The Velveteen Rabbit
By Margery Williams and Sarah Massini Published by Nosy Crow £14.99 HB

This beautifully emotive classic sees a divine new lease of life with illustrations by Sarah Massini.
A seemingly insignificant toy rabbit longs to be 'real' and only with love, imagination and a touch of nursery magic can the little rabbits dreams really come true. 
A tear jerking, thought provoking wonderfully warming antidote to the consumerist nature of a modern Christmas. 

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Snowflake in my Pocket 
By Rachel Bright and Yu Rong Published by Walker Books £6.99 PB 
Squirrel and bear make the most wonderfully odd pairing, one ld and wise one young and full of vim. Squirrel is in raptures of delight as the first snow of winter falls but quickly realises nothing is quite as fun without bear. This charming story explores friendship in the most delectable way with a cosy comforting ending which will leave sweet thoughts with little readers as they scurry off to bed. 

The Snowman 
By Raymond Briggs Published by Puffin Books £7.99 PB 

Nothing but NOTHING compares to the first time you discover the wordless classic that is The Snowman, although I must have enjoyed this book a thousand times over it still perfectly encapsulates everything which is magical about Christmas. First published 38 years ago it has aged most gracefully and such is the nature of a true classic.
As thick snow falls over the British countryside a small boy is about the embark on the adventure of a lifetime as the majestic snowman he builds comes to life. No Christmas is complete without at least one visit to this timeless family favourite so reclaim the magic of Christmas and believe. 

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Raven Child and the Snow Witch 
By Linda Sunderland and Daniel Egneus Published by Templar Publishing £7.99 HB 

Encrusted in thick luxurious glitter this book certainly catches they eye, as do the striking illustrations which perfectly compliment the wonderful folklore inspired tale. If you are looking for a wondrous haunting fairytale filled with adventure and intrigue Raven Child does not disappoint. 

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By Tom Jamison and Mike Byrne 
Published by Macmillan Children's Books 

As a fan of the humble Brussel Sprout I was a tad apprehensive regarding the misrepresentation of this hard done by brassica but I was wrong. This mean green fart inducing machine is bad to the bone. This is a hilarious and snort laugh inducing story and the illustrations had me weeping with delight. One for the cheeky little sprout haters amongst you. The perfect stocking filler (for BIG stockings) 

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