Monday 27 February 2017

LOT'S - A day in the life of illustrator Marc Martin

By Marc Martin
Published by Big Picture Press

We absolutely adore this unique whistle-stop exploration of the world! Hours were spent uncovering some of our wonderful worlds most magnificent and mind-boggling secrets. An inspiring read for the young and curious. An essential addition to every bookshelf be it home, school or library. An illustrative masterpiece created with unbridled passion and enthusiasm. 

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A day in the life... 

A typical day for me involves a mix of computer work and hands-on illustration. I’ll spare you all my pre-morning coffee photos and get straight to the good stuff. The majority of the time I’ll ride to the studio (about 30 minutes away), but if it’s raining or if I’m feeling lazy, I might catch the train in. 
I find riding to and from work is a great way for me de-stress and enjoy the outdoors. Here’s a picture of the bridge I ride across most days. Don’t look down:

I share a studio space with about 15 other people. There’s a mix of photographers, designers, artists and writers all working from the space at various times. Our studio above a tyre shop:

This is my desk… you can tell I’ve been at my current studio about for about 7 years because, yes, there’s a lot of junk. It’s funny because at home I’m very neat and minimalist, but in the studio I’m pretty messy. 

Having a studio so close to the city means there’s plenty of food and drink options close by. I’ll usually grab a coffee (and try to resist getting a chocolate brownie) from our local cafe across the road before getting stuck into work:

While I’m sipping a coffee I’ll usually sit down and go through my emails. I like to try and get all my admin and emails sorted as early as possible so I’ve got the rest of the day to focus on illustration. Because I spend a lot of time at my desk, I’ve built myself a standing desk with a high stool so my back gets a bit of relief from being hunched over all day (commonly known as 'illustrators back’ amongst illustrators!) - this also gives me the option of sitting (often when I’m typing emails), or standing. I use the smaller desk on the right for computer work, and the larger desk on the left for illustration.

Some of the tools I use for illustrating - pencils, gouache, watercolours, hair dryer (for drying paint fast)!

One the best things about having a studio is being around people and feeling like you’re actually ‘at work'. During lunch I’ll usually sit down at the communal table and chat with other studio members. Looks like no one wants to talk to me today

One of the worst things about the studio - the communal fridge. BEWARE! A place where leftovers and bananas go to die

Back at my desk, if I ever need a little bit of inspiration, I might consult my poorly ordered library. Note, I definitely don’t use the Dewey decimal system

Most days are mix of illustration for larger projects or books, and maybe some smaller jobs on the side

The thing I love about being an illustrator is having the freedom to explore my ideas. It’s a rewarding profession that challenges me to keep progressing and find new ways to tell stories

With HUGE thanks to Marc for taking the time to help us with this post and to the kind folk at Big Picture Press (especially Antonia). 

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