Friday 21 October 2011

AUTHOR BLOG TOUR! Giles Paley-Phillips

SOooo the nights are drawing in, crispy golden leaves tumble from the trees and the heady scent of (hedgehog free) bonfires fills the air.

I sit here this evening snuggled in my croched cape with a cup of lemon tea and a plate stacked high with ginger biscuits and miniature pumpkin tartlets poised and ready to get cracking with a cosy evening of picture book sniffing. *bliss*

Hark what's that I hear at the creaky old door, Can't possibly be...EARLY Trick or Treaters? ...

You'll never guess who it is...WELCOME to Book Sniffer Towers - Author of The Fearsome Beastie, Mr Giles Paley-Philips!

What a delightful surprise, always splendid to see a friendly face (as opposed to a gang of burly teenagers dressed as the undead, eggs in one hand  treat loot bags in the other)
Giles has popped over as part of his Fearsomely Fabulous Blog Tour.
You may remember we sniffed The Fearsome Beastie when it first published in the spring.
As you can imagine Giles was super excited to get his paws on the finished copies...

"It's always a fantastic feeling to see your book in the flesh. I did write an alternative ending, but it was considered too nice by the publisher!!".. intriguing!

For those of you who haven't heard all about this snifferiffic picture book let me tell you more!

Thank goodness the nanny state has taken her eye off the ball and let this little treasure through the net!
Naturally one assumed that as I turned the pages the following familiar tale would unfold

 "Sprog eating monster comes to town, children realise the monster isn't scary after all and they all skip off into the sunset together to have a dolly's tea party - Not in this bad boy!

It's time to "Man up" Book Sniffers this is what happens in this unflinching observation of the real life horror that lurks just around the corner...
Monster comes to town, children are terrified, monster tricks them, monster eats them and then...THEN my friends we are introduced to possibly one of the most kick ass grannies the picture book world has seen for some time (perhaps EVER) !

Axe wielding granny - everyone should have one!
This granny isn't going to mess around teaching this Beastie the value of good manners, instead she chops him clean in half WITH AN AXE! (thus saving previously "gobbled up" children)


and then she makes a stew out of him which they all tuck in to..*chortle* - Extreme cooking doesn't get better than this!

Heston eat your heart out!

And that my friends is one heck of a good picture book.
Dark and scary in a Dahlesque fashion with a smattering of Grinch about it this story is hilarious with a brilliant rhyming text this will be one to read over and over again...unless you get eaten by a beast in the meantime. (read some great reviews here...)

Giles has been working like a trouper travelling all over the place doing events and signings and thrilling little people country wide. To keep up to date with where you can catch Gile's next event take a peek at his Facebook page

Before we pack Giles off on his way with a bag of Haribo fangs and a satsuma it's only right that he be ejected via the quick fire cannon!



5...4...3...2..1! BOOM!

  • What would your Halloween fancy dress costume of choice be? -
         Justin Beiber! he scares me rigid!

  • Trick or Treat -
     treat please ...

  • TREAT!  Ahhhhhhhhhh

  • You can write really good poems but can you rap? -

  •      The short answer is no, the long answer is noooooooooooooooooooo! 

  • What is your favourite sandwich filling -
         I'm quite partial to a bit of the old classic BLT, although on my posh days i do favour the
         M&S Brie and Grape on a bed of salad!

  • What would you rhyme with the following words leech / raccoon / pumpkin -
         screech, stale prune, bumpkin!

  • Can you draw...?
         I doodle a little in my sleep

  • Do you ever speak in rhyme in every day life say for instance you were in the post office?
         - yes i do, can't help myself sometimes!

  • How has your book tour gone - Have any small people asked you unusual questions?
         and did you have a Ryder?
         Yes a huge Ryder with lots of exotic things, I especially like receiving Venetian dice!

  • We wish him all the luck in the world and can't wait to hear all about his next project! (we've had a sneak peek - it looks smashing!)

    Don't forget to pop along to your local purveyor of Picture Books and purchase a copy at  the soonest possible opportunity!

    Thanks for popping by Giles! and thank you to Maverick Books or sending us a copy of the book and giving us access to Giles!


    Check out Gile's other blog spot stops  here ...

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