Thursday 13 October 2011



In anticipation of our high tea blog spot on Author Giles Paley-Phillips virtual tour on the 22nd Oct here is a most magnificent competition for you! 

WIN WIN WIN a SIGNED Leigh Hodgkinson print of Colin the Cat (from Colin and the Snoozebox) and a SIGNED copy of Gile's book The Fearsome Beastie 
or a SIGNED Neal Layton Print of the devine Emily Brown (From That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown) and a SIGNED copy of The Fearsome Beastie

Get your doodle jotters and biros out it's time to let the creative juices flow!
Here's how to enter...
Cooler than a penguin with an ice pop Giles has written a very special and most definitely exclusive poem for the Book Sniffer and all it's missing are a few illustrative doodles from you guys to bring it to life! Closing Date 5th Nov - Giles will pick the two winners which we will announce on Facebook / Twitter and the Blog. Please email your entries to OR send as a message attachment on the Book Sniffer Facebook page - GOOD LUCK!

Here's the poem!
Very hungry Mouse by GilesPaley-Phillips

Inside the chimney of our house

There lived a very hungry mouse.

He came out when we’d gone to bed

And chewed right through a loaf of bread.

He loved to raid our Frigidaire

To see what he could find in there.

He guzzled down some herbal tea,

And gobbled up the smelly brie.

He waffled down a sausage roll,

Plus a piece of Dover sole.

A pint of milk, a side of beef

tomatoes and a lettuce leaf.

He could chomp through anything

a three piece suite, a mattress spring.

a larder door, some wooden floor,

(a bit at first and then lots more)

a table leg, a goose’s egg

he ate the tent and every peg

the plates, the forks, the knives and spoons

the TV set, a bag of prunes.

This mouse was eating up our home

including Stan the garden gnome.

within a day he’d scoffed the lot,

the fire place, the chimney pot
 the beds had gone, and then the car
 he’d even eaten my guitar

but worst of all my dad and mum

were now inside that mouse’s tum.

I hatched a plan and told my friends

“Bring around your odds and ends,

The only way to make mouse stop,

Is to make him go off pop!”

So Annie, Heidi, me and Ralf

Threw lots of things in mouse’s mouth

Bags of rubbish tide with string

A cardboard box, a garden swing.

A bag of tools, a baseball bat

Two footballs and a cowboy hat

Then after he’d had his last slurp

the mouse let out a giant burp,

His face went red, his tummy bulged

He knew he shouldn’t have indulged

And suddenly with a great big bang

The kind that rang and rang and rang

The mouse exploded then and there

The things he ate flew everywhere

All the stuff inside our home

Including Stan the garden gnome

But what made me feel really glad

Was finding my old mum and dad.

So please pay heed to this clear warning

Or you yourself could be in mourning.

Don’t be fooled by little mice

Although they can look cute and nice

Some little mice, it should be known

Can eat you out of house and home!

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