Thursday 2 August 2012

The Baked Alaska Story - written and illustrated by Chris Vine

Hmmmm…now if you had told me I was going to open the front door to a flurry of snow in the middle of summer I might just have turned up my shiny wet nose? However… on this occasion, I must say that surprisingly, it was most welcome.

Well because it came in the form of Chris Vine’s self published limited edition print run of his very own cool, crisp, creation - The Baked Alaska Story. teheheee what a treat!

Chris Vine studied at the Bradford Regional College of Art, looking at the work of Rene Magritte, Saul Steinberg, Anthony Earnshaw, Roland Topor and the films of Luis Bunuel.
After lecturing in art (Cumbria and London) he became a freelance artist / illustrator in 1983.

Now this wonderful book is one of only a 1000 copies. as rare as hens teeth indeed. So I feel honoured to grasp its scrumptious pages between my paws (and yes, of course they’re clean…how dare you).

The Baked Alaska Story was born from a series of unrelated paintings that gradually grew into the wonderful story which is now told in this book.

Quick Fire Canon Anyone?

Far away in an ice cold place a single snowman appears in the night. He rolls the snow to create a perfect copy of himself and so on until the whole land is brimming with snowpeople and choc-a-bloc with ice cold snow-tacular antics, Eventually the whole planet overheats and reaches a climatic melting point. (WARNING:mild snowman peril !!)

Ice Cream stock pile - Yes please nom nom nom

Coupled with artwork that has unending commercial and comic appeal, this tale is a small gem to be locked away and treasured, (should you be lucky enough to get hold of one).
A beautiful book created by an exceptionally talented artist.
Now I'm off to grab myself a Cornetto!

You simply MUST visit Chris's website - his work is inspirational and unmissable.

You can get hold of your very own copy of The Baked Alaska Story by contacting Chris through his website the book costs £15 +P&P payable by cheque

and at
Zillah Bell Art Gallery, Thirsk
The Tube Art Gallery, Woodstock, Oxfordshire

In autumn it will be available at -

Salts Mill, Saltaire
Dean Clough Art Gallery, Halifax
Fred Wade Bookshop, Halifax
The Children's Bookshop, Lindley, Huddersfield
The Bookcase, Hebden Bridge
The Water Street Gallery, Todmorden
The Grove Bookshop, Ilkley
Radish Bookshop, Leeds

The Baked Alaska Story will be launched at Dean Clough Galleries, Halifax on October 13th along with an exhibition of all the artwork, and continues until about the middle of January.

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