Monday 6 August 2012

There's a new critter in town! Foxy by Emma Dodd

TA-DA at last he's arrived - A little cheeky old magical Foxy the latest creation penned by super-glam gal about town Emma Dodd.

This jolly picture book features a little curly red-haired girl named Emily and uber cool Foxy who just happens to have a magnificent magical bushy tail (SIGH).

Poor old Emily is worried about starting school (yelp) and fortunately her little buddy Foxy is on hand to try to help her get everything she needs ready for school.

With all good intentions Foxy's magical powers are not up to scratch and he magics up all manner if hilarious mistakes with a swoooosh of his magical tail.
Amongst other mishaps a penguin instead of a pencil and a confused looking elephant instead of an eraser! teheheeeeee and the fun continues.

If there was ever a creature to pip me to the post in his dapper nature it might well be Foxy. He's cool, clever, funny and most certainly Foxy (more so in his purple fedora!) brimming with charm and cheeky wonderment this character has heaps and heaps of potential and I think he may well be one of my new faves.
Foxy deserves every success and we have no doubt he'll bring a large pencil case full of joy to lot's and lot's of little sniffers
I'm sure we are set to see more of this little fella and I do hope he pops in to Book Sniffer Towers again soon to swoosh his wonderful magic tail right now I'd like Foxy to swoosh me a lovely big cup of tea.

Three cheers and congratulations to Emma Dodd and thank you with a magical swoosh to Harper Collins for sending us a copy! : ) toot toot to that!

Starting School

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