Monday 15 October 2012

Mould, Mills and Magic ...

Toot Toot Sniffers, I have just returned from a mini-holibob visiting my best buddy and squire of Yorkshire, Mr Chris Mould. (you may have seen him in Yorkshire Life magazine)

Who would have thought so much jollification could be stuffed into one measly weekend, I'm fair dinkum pooped.

We started the tour of the north by visiting Dean Clough Mills, a wonderful historical complex rammed to the rafters with creative types.

Behind each door you are likely to discover another exciting artists busily beavering away creating a masterpiece. Behind one such door high up in the rafters of Dean Clough we met Animator and Mould's partner in creative crime Mr Matt Howarth who happens to have wonderful luscious beard.

They are working on an amazing top secret project which you will be hearing about VERY shortly on the App Puppy Blog. I can't tell you much more right now but lets just say it's a cracker!

We also me fellow bearded gentleman Dug who paints voluptuous nudes all day between frequent cups of tea, and a very tall chap who creates wonderful works of art from Lego, and whilst enjoying a cup of hot chocolate the size of Belfast in the 'on site' cafe we met "Essex Stuart" who is actually from Cambridge. He's a computer type and a very nice chap sporting a fashionable Gillet.

A cake with REAL edible glitter ... wow

The afternoon larks continued with a grand tour of Chris Mould's creative lair. My eyeballs fair popped out gawping at all the artwork in his studio, lots of wonderful spreads from his new piratical project with Nosy Crow, 'Captain Beastlie', which I might say is looking rather bloomin' fabulous.

The tools of his trade were laid out on his desk and I took note of the tidy nature of his work space.

Many more cups of tea were quaffed as we caught up on all his thrilling new projects.

After a brief trip to the super market to stock up on supplies (NB:No giant Lindor Choco balls made it into our trolley fortunately)


We retired to Mould Mansions to meet the rest of the clan, including Moulds feverishly licky and delightful puppy Alfie.

The evening was spent watching Mould perform his newly acquired magic tricks and supping a fine pint of Sneck Lifter.

As a foot note I would like to mention Moulds handmade onion and goats cheese tart which certainly didn't have a soggy bottom and would have got a double thumbs up from Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood -  AND Following further contractual issues Mould has now agreed to perform his magic tricks (BOTH OF THEM) at the Sniffer Christmas get together! you lucky things.

After a restful night of slumber day two of the tour commenced (following a feast of croissants and about a hundred cups of tea natch).

We headed to a private view back at Dean Clough Mills, the illustrations from a book previously featured on the Sniffer blog was being exhibited so I was most excited.

The artwork from Chris Vines The Baked Alaska Story looked like wonderful jewels on the wall. We were lucky enough to catch up with Chris as he signed copies of his books for eager fans, he was a jolly lovely chap. (pop to Dean Clough if you are up that way and have a peep)

We also had a quick squiz at an exhibition of photography entitles 'Pleasureland' which was utterly stunning in a dark-horrifying-depressing-seaside type of way.

From Dean Clough we jetted off to Saltaire to visit The Salts Mill, somewhere I have been hankering to visit since it was recommended by the delightful Matt Baker on Countryfile.

It was everything I had imagined and more, such a beautiful imposing historical building, with a book shop to rival the best. had I remembered to bring my doubloons I would have been honest to goodness broke. as there were tables piled high with wonderful Children's books (including an intriguing new book by Lauren Child AND the new Jon Klassen which I must get my mitts on) There were also a few interesting publications form No Brow which as also whetted my appetite.

After a sneaky pasty we headed back to Mould Mansions for an afternoon of R&R. The evening was spent scoffing curry and nibbling a naan bread which was as big as a the moon.

I'm back at Sniffer Towers now with an armful of books and a pocket full of happy memories. I cant wait to give Chris's new Pirate Book Pirates 'n' Pistols published by Hodder a good sniffing. (review to follow shortly)

Chris Mould has an exhibition of his work including a display of his sublime painted pebbles so I hope I'll get back 'up north' for that one.

Pebble with pen for scale

A tiny pebble painted to look like a skull

In the meantime keep your peepers peeled for more on his fabulous top secret project on the App Puppy very soon.

Thanks a million to Mr and Mrs Mould and the Mini Moulds and of course Alfie who lent me his bed for the weekend.

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