Tuesday 9 October 2012

Trick or Treat with Giles Paley-Phillips

Seems only a moment ago I was sat in my hammock with my handkerchief hat and sangria, now winter is almost upon us.
The nights are drawing in and the spiders are coming out which means only one thing, tis the season of trickery and pumpkin related fun.

Who better to play a quick game of Trick or Treat with than author Giles Paley-Philips who's new book has more monsters and ghouls in it than you can shake a witches broom at.

INTRODUCING Tamara Small and the Monster's Ball

Prepare to hide behind the sofa lily livers, this is a brilliantly scary rhyming story just in time for Halloween and beyond from author of The Fearsome Beatsie Giles Paley-Phillips.

Meet Tamara Small, a gal with vim who finds herself accompanying a monster (who quite frankly needs a wax) to a fabulous monster ball. There are all kinds of ghouls and warty witches to keep Tamara entertained - soon she's taking to the dance floor and busting some moves worthy of a 'sevuuuun' from Len Goodman.
Any book with a break dancing werewolf gets a sniffer lick of approval. The groooovy monsters have one last tasty surprise for Tamara before she goes home to bed but what could it be? you'll have to read it to find out.

A jolly rip-roaring-read - full to the cauldrons brim with slime, warts, googly eyes, hair where there shouldn't be hair, skeletons and scales.

People's Book Prize winning author Giles has a rare gift for writing edgy, just scary enough, modern picture book texts with lilting and clever rhyme.
Illustrated by again by Gabriele Antonini, with well crafted lively spreads with a familiar Pixar style and packed with all sorts of not too scary creatures. Three cheers for this dynamic team.


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