Tuesday 11 June 2013

A day at Me Books HQ

I have just this moment returned to Book Sniffer towers after an utterly inspiring day meeting with the good folk at Me Books, what a fab bunch of ladies and gents, the office was literally oozing with eager enthusiasm.

If you're not yet familiar with Me Books hop to it! They have created a platform which houses a feast of picture books which you can read on an iPad or iPhone, not your average app malarkey but innovative, creative and most of all true to the original books. Each converted picture book is narrated but also accented with hot spots which reveal hilarious titbits of audio script which will have you snorting your tea with laughter. (You can also record yourself reading the story - what a bonus)

Only launched in October they are already storming the publishing world with their creativity and vision. Some of my absolute fave authors and illustrators are already on board and have found the whole experience of working with the Me Books team most enjoyable.

Days like these where you feel anything is achievable are few and far between.... But do you know what, I think Me Books are the ones to make it happen.

I heartily recommend checking them out at the soonest opportunity. http://www.mebooks.co/

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