Saturday 22 June 2013

A fun day out....

Today has been a top trumper and no mistake! And here's why...

I was at near Sniffing melting point at today's ELCAF comic fair in east London ... Sure enough after following a trail of trendy beards and brogues and the wafting scent of gourmet burgers I found myself at the arty comic event of the century!

A whole town hall crammed to the rafters with tables literally groaning with amazing creations. I was utterly gob smacked at the quality and inventiveness of the work on sale and a buzz of enthusiasm and creative passion literally fizzed in the air.

Highlights included bumping into my old chum Harry who now works for outstanding publishers No Brow and perusing their impressive wares, having a portrait sketched by some traveling comic artists and coming away with a bag of treats which are eye wateringly delectable!

Post Comic fest I travelled to Battersea Park with my dear pal (pencil maestro) Mark Chambers on route to the annual Bright Group summer picnic - what a treat to meet such a friendly bunch - mad as a box of badgers every single one of them but that made me love them all the more.

There were sandwiches and mini sausages galore and we all had a wonderful bunting adorned slightly blustery afternoon catching up with the likes if Yasmeen Ishmael , Nicky O'Byrne, James Davies, Gab Alborozo, Charlie Adler,and delightful Ben Mantel! I also got the chance to arrange further plottings with ubercucumbercool Benji Davies regarding plans for a big Sniffer celebration for the publication of his new picture book!!! (Ver ver exciting)

What a day... I'm plum tuckered. And now for bed. Night night x


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