Monday 11 August 2014

The Big Blue Thing on the Hill - Creating a BUZZZZZZ

It's always completely thrilling to be introduced to a new illustrator and during my time at Templar Publishing Yuval Zommer has to be one of the most charming and unique finds on my list of top favourites.

Represented by Penny H at the Caroline Sheldon Agency Yuval has an extensive and enviable career at some of the top advertising agencies in the world so it was a great treat to hear he was creating his very first picture book. With his off beat sense of humour and unique and contemporary style it is sure to be a huge hit.

In advance of his inaugeral Children's Illustration exhibition at Hornsey Children's Library Yuval has joined us to tell us a bit more about what we might see in the exhibition and to give us a very sneak peek at some of the work which will be exhibited.  

Yuval Zommer and his brilliant book 

A Word from Yuval: 

"Without giving the plot of my story away, a large swarm of insects plays a crucial part in 'The Big Blue Thing on the Hill'. This actually came about when a very inspired Creative Director suggested I include some Mosquitos in the book... I soon found out that I really enjoy drawing flies and Mosquitos and bees and wasps and dragonflies and basically any bugs! 

I love them whizzing through the book and kept thinking I should used them elsewhere when I was asked by Hornsey Children's Library to exhibit my work the first thing I asked the librarians was how would they like a rather large swarm of insects taking over the wall? To my delight they said yes!" 

Sketches from the exhibition at Hornsey Children's Library 

Here's a sneak preview of some of the beautifully bonkers bugs, beetles and bees from Yuvals exhibition.. 

We highly recommend you fly along to Yuvals show at
Hornsey Children's Library
3rd - 21st September! 

The Big Blue Thing on the Hill 

The Big Blue Thing on The Hill by Yuval Zommer

The residents of a peaceful and sleepy forest near 
Howling Hill are puzzled to discover a Big Blue Thing has appeared in the middle of the night.
What could it be? 
and more importantly how can they get rid of it?

In this hilarious tale the wise but confused woodland creatures try all manner of mad cap schemes to make the Big Blue Thing move on but what IS this mysterious creature! 

Children will love having the upper hand knowing the secret revealed in the elaborate illustrations and roar with laughter as this clever and unique story unfolds. NB: Plenty of howling, roaring, growling and screaching required! 

A winning picture book for readers of all ages 
(This book has a very unexpected and highly amusing ending!) 

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