Thursday 26 February 2015

Lemur Dreamer by Courtney Dicmas

When you are a lemur named Louis and you live on the very top floor of a critter filled tenement block there are several challenges you might face... Being eaten by a crocodile perhaps. This is the least of Louis problems... Louis is a sleepwalker. 

Each night as the animals settle down for the night, chaos ensues as Louis embarks on his regular and entirely unintentional nocturnal adventure. His friends try as best they can to help Louis avoid mortal danger without waking him but as his escapades become increasing perilous the animals are forced to take (hilarious) drastic action. 

Courtney is absolutely one of my favourite new illustrative talents and this is without doubt a unique and highly entertaining addition to her growing portfolio. 

Special props to the pigeons who's dramatic delivery of one liners is worthy of a spot on Corrie. 

Lemur Dreamer is published by Templar Publishing

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