Sunday 22 March 2015

Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion by Alex T Smith


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In the jungle the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight.... 
OR NOT...  in this case! 

Plucky, head-strong, super smart Little Red and her trusty goat are set to save the day as poor old (but glamorous) Auntie Rosie is struck down by a terrible mysterious rash. #GASP 
Little Red knows there's simply only one cure for a rash of such mysterious origins and that's a healthy dash of lotion and a pink iced doughnut
Like a sprightly gazelle Little Red bounds and frolics over sleepy crocodiles, under giraffes, past chattering monkeys, and wiggles around hippos and wart hogs to deliver her prescription and cure beloved Auntie Rosie.
DUH DUH DAAAAHHHHHH (dramatic pause) that is until Little Red happens upon who might only be described as a devious, caddish and incredibly cunning cat.. a BIG cat! In the shape of a VERY hungry lion. 

With devious plans afoot and a taste for small juicy children The (VERY) Hungry Lion sets about trying to trick Little Red into his tummy!
Poor chap wasn't reckoning on tackling this little diva though and before he can sharpen his tooth picks Little Red has wrangled him into a delightful nightie, whipped his magnificent mane into corn rows with bows and slapped on a lovely bit of lippy. The king of the jungle never looked so delightfully undignified. 

With his dinner plans finally foiled The Very Hungry Lion settles for a nice pink iced doughnut and hot beverage as poor Auntie Rosie is freed from captivity and they all head off happily into the sunset together... 
Will Lion have learnt his lesson? I very much doubt it... I fear for poor goat! 

A hilarious snort-laugh inducing picture book with magnificent mix of mild peril and baked goods! 

Alex has created a triumphant celebration of colour, diversity and female heroism. The bedazzling array of textures and colours is something to behold and the tiny details to spot help make this a treasured story to share over and over again. The delightfully clever and contemporary page layouts along with a gorgeous dash of gold on the cover will have this book literally pouncing off the shelves and into eager little hands and baskets of young readers. 

As always I will continue to shout from the roof tops about Alex's beautifully crafted characterful creations and will endlessly recommend them to all and sundry (absolutely always and forever).  

Let's hope he wins a HUGE wicker basket full of awards this year because believe me he truly deserves them! 

Follow Alex on Twitter @Alex_T_Smith 

With Thanks to Scholastic and my MOST favourite people at Arena Illustration for giving me a sneak peek and tantalising me all those months ago! 

#girlpower #diversity #kidlit 

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