Tuesday 7 April 2015

The Tale of Peter Rabbit 80th Anniversary Edition

What better way to celebrate the emergence of spring than with who may well be the most recognisable rabbit in the veg patch. 

We warmly welcome this pocket-sized treasure with all the delightful charm of the original with the addition of beautifully crafted details throughout.

Beatrix Potter's highly recognisable and completely breath-taking illustrations are as appealing and timeless as the very first day they were lovingly sketched.

A stunning and credible reproduction of a timeless bunny tale, a soon to be cherished object of desire which would make the most perfect gift (could I bear to part with it).

A delightfully delicious quintessentially English 
essential for every child.

£9.99 HB Puffin – OUT NOW 
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5 brain boggling facts about Peter Rabbit via the BBC 

1. Later in life Beatrix Potter became an award-winning sheep farmer
2. Peter Rabbit's favourite food is radishes, not carrots like other bunnies
3. In 1941, a whole print-run of The Tale Of Peter Rabbit was lost in the bombing of London
4. In 1921, The Tale Of Peter Rabbit was first printed in Braille
Beatrix Potter kept a journal written in a secret code which was only cracked in 1958

For 15 other equally amazing facts - click here 

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