Thursday 2 July 2015

Grandad's Island by Benji Davies

Three cheers for wonderful  Benji Davies on the publication of his second author / Illustrated picture book 
Grandad's Island.

'Syd loves Grandad, Grandad loves Syd. 
And that will never change.'

I am a huge fan of picture books which feature strong and positive representations of the treasured bond between children and their grandparents, it is truly a unique and special relationship and one which should be celebrated just like this. 

Syd is a delightfully endearing little chap and his Grandpa whom fortunately he spends a great deal of time with is full of life and joy and an utterly unquenchable a taste for adventure. 

Syd and his beloved Grandpa embark on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure together as his house magically transforms into a tall ship! 

The mischievous pair find themselves washed up on on a mystical tropical island inhabited by vibrant wildlife and a very 'Handy-about-the-house' Orangutan. 

Many happy hours are spent exploring and larking about, from renovating an abandoned shack to, sharing quiet moments enjoying the wildlife - The complete joy shared by the two and the fun and tenderness in their friendship pours from every page. 

The subtle observations of these precious moments and this special relationship are observed so beautifully by Davies that you become utterly absorbed in the island and all it has to hold. 

As with all good stories there must come an end .. there will be tears by the time you reach this utterly heart wrenching illustration... 

No bookshelf should be without a copy of this poignant and utterly breath-taking picture book. 

As touching and poignant as the last hug between the boy and the Snowman by Raymond Briggs 

You can buy it here!  

& visit his website here!

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