Friday 24 July 2015

Toby and the Ice Giants by Joe Lillington - Published by Flying Eye Books

EXCUSE ME! When did Information books become so incredibly beautiful?? 

Toby and the Ice Giants is the latest offering from Flying Eye Books and not only does it smell beautiful and feel incredible it has been written and illustrated with care and thought beyond measure.

This is Joe Lillington's very first picture book and lets hope there are more in the pipeline. He is certainly an illustrative talent to keep an eye on!

The Ice Age now appears on the National curriculum so this particular offering is well timed. It seamlessly weaves a charming adventure story with an abundance of bite sized, engaging and highly digestable information points - each page features an fact panel and a brilliant height comparison illustration so readers can see themselves alongside these large hairy and fearsome Ice Age Giants. 

Toby is a young bold and boisterous Bison with a thirst for adventure and as such embarks on a trip across the tundra where he encounters all manner of slightly hostile over sized beasts before returning to the relative safety of his herd and his mother with tales of his intrepid journey. 

Joe's scratchy rich style of illustration brings a comforting retro charm to the story allowing his characters to become both endearing AND menacing... now that's a talent. 

Toby and the Ice Giants is £11.99 and will be available from September in all good bookshops OR online  I think every school library should have a copy! 

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