Thursday 7 January 2016

A wolf in bunny's clothing... SUSPICIOUS?

The award for MOST eye-catching cover goes to....
Wolfie the Bunny! What a treat and the insides are even better.
A beautifully graphic and bold illustration style from Zachariah Ohara works perfectly alongside the text  beautifully crafted by Ame Dyckman in this hilarious tale of confused identity, vegetarianism and supporting your local independent trader. 

When the Bunny Family arrive home to find a small but hugely adorably fluffy wolf cub on their doorstep they are duty bound to provide the little chap with a loving home. Dot Rabbit is a little more cautious because WHO ON EARTH would adopt a meat eating predator and not expect to get EATEN!!!!??? 

Sibling rivalry escalates as Wolfie grows up to become the perfect son, much to Dot and her friends dismay. Dot remains unconvinced until one fateful trip to the co-op when the circle of life almost see's the untimely demise of one of our heroes. 

Little readers will love having an insight into what might happen as the story unfolds and especially relish in the parents being non-the-wiser.

Beautifully subtle, unbearably stylish and full of fun! Perhaps not one for preparing a child for the arrival of a new sibling... unless also accompanied by plenty of carrots. 


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