Sunday 10 January 2016

Gentleman Jim!

In 2011 a dazzling new talent smashed head long into the Book Sniffer gang of best-loved illustrators, it was Mr Jim Field and I'd just watched him receive the much coveted (Hugely
missed) Booktrust Roald Dahl Funny Prize, along with one of my very most favourite authors Peter Bentley for their collaboration on Cat's Ahoy!

5 years have since passed and I have happily observed Jim bounce joyously from success to success creating a cornucopia of brilliant, award-winning books with a  myriad of exceptionally talented authors to huge critical acclaim. 

There's no denying this chap is talented but boy-o-boy is he hard working. 2016 will be what can only be described as an annus mirabilis for Jim, as we see no less that 5 new publications coming from Hachette Children's Books alone. Beautifully designed collaborations with the likes of Kes Grey, Michelle Robinson and Rachel Bright have previously become instant household hits and their eagerly anticipated sequels are set to become firm family favourites.   

This week, after an excruciatingly long wait I was overjoyed to finally witness Jim and Julian Gough's first collaboration emerge from hibernation...presenting
Rabbit & Bear 'Rabbit's Bad Habits'

A deliciously produced, lavishly illustrated new series for emerging readers. Carefree Bear and omnipotent Rabbit make a most delightfully pairing providing the perfect canvas on which to unfurl a simple yet pant wittingly funny woodland tale of kleptomania, culinary mishaps, daring escapes, potential avalanches and the endurance of true friendship. 

Julian and Jim make a heavenly pairing and the exquisite balance of text and full page, spot colour illustrations make this the perfect book for devouring in one sitting. Barely in my hands for more than a few hours and I can hardly wait another moment for the next instalment. No bookshelf should be without a copy. 

Three cheers for illustrated fiction, limp carrots and occasionally eating one's own poo!  

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Dearest Jim took some time out of his immensely busy doodling schedule to rummage through his plan chest and find us some fantastic character development sketches. It's always such a treat to see how characters evolve, and these two are set to steal the hearts (and winter food supplies) of many many readers not least ours! 

Keep an eye out for a very special step-by-step guide to 'How to Draw Rabbit' and some never before seen sketch book sneak peeks in the next issues of WRD Magazine

I would strongly advise you pre-order these gems at your soonest convenience...

to Jim Field, Rebecca Logan &
Hachette Children's Books 
for spending the time to help us with this feature! 

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