Wednesday 20 April 2011

Alpha-better-bloomin-believe it!

 I thought it only fair that I should draw your attention to a picture book which is publishing very soon to make sure you knew about it before everyone else! (spread the word sniffers, this is a cracker)

Paul "too cool for school" Thurlby's "Alphabet"

Having mastered ones ABC's many many years ago (apart from the "ellameeno" bit which I still sometimes fumble a bit) I was almost set to turn my puggy nose up at this version - but at a single glance I was stopped in my tracks.

OH LORKS! such sophisticated deliciousness and style simply oozing from every page. 

This book deserves to win a huge Easter basket full of design awards as it is quite simply the most darned snazzy book on the market in this genre - The tootie fruity 1950's life saver colours made me drool ever so slightly 

and I spent many many hours spelling out various words to see which ended up looking the coolest...Turns out "Sniffer" is pretty neat.

You simply MUST check out Paul's website - it is quite simply fine AND dandy!


  1. omg ! supper snazzy ..i must buy!

  2. Jayne showed it to me at the FCBG conference at it is GORGEOUS!


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