Saturday 9 April 2011

FREE ICE CREAM at the Oxford Lit fest?...yes please!

A balmy day spent at the Oxford Lit Fest can't be beaten, thank goodness I packed my straw boater as today was a bloomin' scorcher!

There I was perched upon a silk cushion (like some kind of dandy!) in the green room at the Oxford Lit Fest, an abundance of the finest Hendricks gin cocktails served by smart chaps in cravats and the glitterati of the literary world milling around me, I thought the day simply could not get any better and then John Newman arrived!

Me and John, he even gave me a lick of his mini-milk...what a gent!

I tell you what, that man is truly a Book Sniffer of the highest order , what John doesnt know about kids books simply isn't worth knowing and do you know what he bloomin LOVES books, he really really does. So we nattered away John, Mrs Newman and I before heading off to the Junior Common Room for some larks with illustrator Thomas Docherty and is giant cardboard ice lolly.

Thomas Docherty with his giant cheese flavour cardboard ice lolly!

Much fun was had and the children were captivated (and bribed with free ice lollys natch!)

Anyway a smashing day all round!

John Newman (and Mrs Newman) the Book Sniffer Salutes you!

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