Saturday 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas - With Bells on!

The Pugs Christmas Day Speech
As one sits here aside the crackling fire in my brand new slippers and cravat  it’s hard to believe that almost a year has past since I first put puggish paw to keyboard to share my love of the picture books with my fellow Book Sniffers.

Twas spring this year, the baby birds were a-tumbling from their nests, Daffodils poked their yellow bonnets from underneath nestling lambs and it was at that joyful sunshine filled moment that I thought I might like to share my most humble opinions and penchant  for sniffing the finest of fine picture books with the world.

I simply could not have imagined then what a wonderful fun filled year we had in store!

We’ve had all manner of  Fantabulous authors and illustrators pop by to say hello!
Always a pleasure to welcome them to the tower especially if they bring biscuits or other tasty treats! You may like to relive some special moments with the likes of Chris Mould, Andy Stanton, Steven Lenton,Alex T Smith (and his dogs!) James Mayhew, Cassia Thomas, Chris Haughton, LydiaMonks, Sarah McIntyre, Leigh Hodgkinson, Levi Pinfold and Neal Layton.  What a bunch of thoroughly nice ladies and gents!  We’ve also had the occasional unexpected take-over from the likes of one fame hungry peacock Limelight Larry!
Me with the REAL Shaun Tan!
 We’ve had more mutts than you could shake a stick at sent to us for Doggy Doodle Friday (concept © Chris Mould – RIP Gwynne "Top Dog") we’ve loved every single one!
And there have been a few …from the crème de la crème of the illustrative world including mutt lovers Cassia Thomas, Chris Mould, Holly Surplice, Paul Stickland, Vicki Gausden, AlexT Smith, Nicky O’Byrne, Mark Chambers, Steve Lenton , Eric Barclay, Polly Dunbar,  and Emily Gravett Amongst many many others which you can see here.
We also had a brief dalliance with Monkey Monday which was bonkers a as basket of bananas!

Couldn’t possibly choose any favourites from our Doggy Doodle Gallery but here are a few corkers to whet your appetite.
By super tasty Chris Mould
From cool cat about town - Alex T Smith
By nicer than a slice of apple pie Alison Murray
Almost as exciting as em’bark’ing on a brand new blog we thought we’d catch up with the masses via Facebook – What a smashing bunch of sniffers we have on there! It’s been lovely getting to know you and hearing all of your recommendations for new books to sniff. Let’s see if we can make acquaintance with 1000 Sniffers by our 1st Birthday.

Highlights of the year a sparkling night of wonderment and wine at the Polly Dunbar exhibition organised by Children’s Illustration at Daunt Books – A true night to remember,

Friday doodles from Sir David Melling ...

And getting our very first (and hopefully not last) quote on the back of the delightful Giles Paley-Phillips new picture book The Fearsome Beastie, A very proud day indeed.

Thank you to all you smashing Sniffers out there and CHEERS to even more fun in 2012!

Publisher Name Check with thanks for sending me your wares – Maverick. Simon and Schuster, Penguin. Harper Collins, Lion Children’s Books, Walker. THANK YOU

HUGE licks and thanks to all of the authors and Illustrators who have kindly sent books and other wondrous items to Books Sniffer towers  - Including…Giles Paley Phillips, Steven Lenton, Alex T Smith, Chris Mould, DavidMelling, Kitty Dinners, Nikalas Catlow, Emma Dodd, James Mayhew, Andy Stanton, Catherine Rayner, Holly Surplice, Paul Thurlby, lovely Lydia Monks  and Ben Rothery

Next Year ….More competitions, piles of book reviews, new author and illustrator guest spots, Please get in touch if you would like to be featured.

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