Saturday 26 February 2011

Cassia Thomas in the House!

Illustrator Cassia Thomas with her dog HRH She-Bear

Dear Your Royal Highness Madame She-Bear
I hope you don't mind my dropping by to ask you a few questions but word on the street says that you dear dog, are lucky enough to co-habit with the one and only pocket rocket illustrating super star Cassia Thomas
I couldn't possibly let that opportunity pass me by so wondered if you wouldn't mind answering a few questions for the Book Sniffer

•Mouse and I are planning a mini break in Haslemere – which sights should we take in once we are there?

I’d say any of the Haslemere lampposts are worth a good sniff, to be honest. There’s a particularly good stagnant patch of water on Swan Barn that’s well-worth a look, and the cowpats in the Spring are divine. Other than that, I’m told they do very nice cake at Hemingway’s but I’m only ever ‘invited’ to sit outside. They do all make a bit of a fuss of me there though, so I don’t mind much.

•I’m a huge fan of the old Boney-o do you have and favourite treats?

I especially like anything I’m not supposed to have. I have a devil-may-care attitude to treats. Like many women, I comfort eat at times of stress too.

I’ve twice thrown such a tantrum at being left on my own that I’ve downed chocolate in fake suicide attempts. I enjoy the idea of witnessing the horror on their faces when they spy me belly up, tongue out, and an empty Malteser’s packet by my side. I tried to leave a note once, but I’m not really one with words… or pencils…. Or really, anything but mud….

I think I tend to spoil the dramatic affect of my mock death(s) by chocolate though. As soon as I hear that key in the lock, I tend to get thoroughly over-excited and completely forget to look pale and lifeless.

I have since decided the resulting vet trips far outweigh the excitement. And to be fair, I probably don’t need the extra calories either.
•You obviously get to sneak peeks at all of Cassia’s fantastic books before we get to see them, Do you ever offer advice and do you ever lend a hand?
Well, she’s alright and all but I can’t help but think she’s rather hindered by those finger things. She spends all day on one TINY drawing when I can cover entire sheets in seconds. I have offered her my help, but she doesn’t… (sniff) seem very inclined to take me up on it.

I think she likes me better at the ‘brain’ end of the operation. For example, I received a thoroughly good pat for stepping all over a large gas bill, so I think perhaps it’s my accountancy skills she values the most.

Would you mind passing a few questions on to dear Cassia Thomas (well, ok, but you’ll have to excuse her- I think she might be a little dense. I’ve told her FOUR times now this morning that I shall be requiring another walk- Still NOTHING!!!)

The She-Bear - Draw by Cassia Thomas

1.What are you working on at the moment?

Ooh, I have several projects on the go. I’ve just finished a version of Goldilocks and the three bears, which has been fun. However, my main aim at the moment is to try and write as well as to illustrate, so I’m mostly sat with a gazillion half-baked ideas and storyboards. It’s both an exciting time, and quite an overwhelming one too.

2.What would your super power be?

I’d have Hermione Granger’s time-turner so that for one day I could get everything done that I’d like to.

I have repetitive dreams about being able to leap across roof tops in the dead of night though, so that would be fun too.

3.Can you recommend any good blogs / people to follow on Twitter?

I’m a huge fan of Matt Dawson’s blog. I love his artwork, and he’s a thoroughly decent bloke as well. (don’t you just hate it when someone’s talented AND nice too?!)

I really love Thomas Taylor’s blog for a good read. He has a lovely way of putting things.

4.If you could be any animal what would you be and why?

Would it sound too much like sucking up to say a dog?! I think dog’s (at their most primal) live in the now. All it takes to make them happy is; a good walk, a tasty bone, and a fantastic paw-twitching, woof-emitting nap at the end of it. You’ve got to admire that sort of simplicity (you’re calling ME simple?!) and lack of hang-ups. Plus I’d quite like big furry ears and a tail! (With THOSE ears, you might be closer than you think…hrumph!)

Thank you so much for spending time with the Book Sniffer - We look forward to meeting you in Haslemere soonest!

Kind Regards and sniffs and licks

Mr P Book Sniffer

Cassia Thomas has illustrated two splendid picture books for Hodder "Lively Elizabeth" and "George and Ghost" you can find them here!

Lovely Lively Elizabeth
Not at all spooky George and Ghost

You can also check out her fantabulous blog here!

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