Sunday 27 February 2011

ME ME ME! (Me,You and Sometimes By Emma Dodd)

Mouse appears to have forgotten her manners and here she is man-handling me after I dared to mention that I thought that on occasion her beloved R-Patz may..just ever so slightly effeminate..Well to this she took great umbridge and set upon me!
After a short shrift few minutes on the naughty step I thought I should probably teach her a few important life lessons....

Not my beautiful puggy face...please don't touch the face...

Well I trust you dropped by the old dog basket when (ultra glamorous) author and illustrator Emma Dodd was here, well let me tell you about 3 very delicious books written and illustrated by Lady Dodd which particularly took my fancy this week and were especially good for teaching Mouse about being good!

You, Me and Sometimes  are published by fans of all things glossy and foiled Templar Publishing

You, Me and Sometimes
When these three little gems first landed in my basket my puggy little eyes almost popped out of my head !
These smashing beauties are as smooth and glossy as Colin Firth on the red carpet AND they have foiling!!...beautiful glimmering jewel like FOILING on EVERY PAGE!
(at this point I almost passed out with joy.)

Mouse took a particular interest in this spread..I wonder why !?

Me, You and Sometimes are bite sized rhyming tales which have been masterfully tailored into short touching but funny stories featuring Monkeys, Elephants and Penguins in place of people.
(I think that animals should take the place of people more often myself!)
An absolute corker of a spread shows a tiny stumpy baby penguin gazing up a a sky full of glimmering stars..You will be aghast I assure you.

Here she is apologising for being a menace! ahh

Sometimes (you can't get enough foiling)

Me - (If you ask ME - these are certainly worth a sniff!)

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