Thursday 17 February 2011

The Heart and the Bottle by Oliver Jeffers

Oh Woe is me …you may not recognise the book in these photos because alas I had to take the dust jacket off The Heart and the Bottle to blow my stubby muzzle – This is a very sad but inspirational story from Book Sniffers secret crush, the utterly charming blarney-tastic Oliver Jeffers (swoon)
Ohh do you like the you ? do you?

A big grown-up step away from the “boy” stories and not at all like The Great Paper Caper or the Incredible Book Eating Boy this book stands alone and proud as a heart wrenching trail blazing story of loss.

Not since Badgers Parting Gifts have I felt so choked (aside from the time when I ate a Boney’o..width ways – ouch) A small girl learns to appreciate all the wonders of the world in all it’s amazing glory when she suffers a significant loss – this story shows the girl rediscovering the world, creating new experiences and growing up whilst cherishing the memory of her beloved grandparent.

Aside from sniffing books one of my most favourite things to do is peek beneath the dust jacket just to see whether there are any hidden treats or surprises – The Heart in a Bottle does not disappoint – I was so dazzled by what I discovered I almost fell off my cushion.  
This is me - beside myself with sadness...SOB

Oliver Jeffers is a thoroughly nice fellow - I met him a few times when I was a pup – He once made me a paper aeroplane.
Natch now he lives across the pond we don’t see much of him but we love to keep up with all his wonderful creations.

This is tale of loving someone..losing someone..and never..not ever..forgetting them.
Now reflecting on love and loss I am off to give that pesky cat Mouse a hug… just because.

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