Thursday 17 February 2011


High Tea with Sir David Melling of the Shire
Well I never – Guess who popped by the old dog basket today – Only gentleman of the shire David Melling.

What a nice chap he is – We had a bit of a chit chat over some Boney-o’s about his brand new book (which is top secret) and also about one of the Book Sniffers new faves Hugless Douglas. The sequel to which is called Don’t Worry Douglas (publishing in April) By jove it’s a good’un.

Poor old Douglas has got himself into a bit of a pickle with his brand new hat, the blighter has only gone and unwound  all over he forest – Everyone try’s to lend a hand and reconstruct said “woolly-hat-of-wonder” but alas all that remains is a slightly limp and bedraggled piece of wool.
Douglas is ever so worried that Daddy Bear is going to be cross with him but of course everything is ok in the end and Douglas ends up with a hat that was even better (if that’s possible) than the first one.
Melling is a deft master with the old paint brush and his subtle tones and bonkers cast of characters make these books supremely accessible.  

The SNIFTER award for best supporting actors –
I would like to give special recognition to the sheep in this book of which there are an abundance – Top marks

Book Sniffer gives this book 4 sheep and a ball of wool out of 5!

Images © David Melling 2011 – Thanks to Hodder Children’s Books  

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