Thursday 24 February 2011

Get the Battenburg out James Mayhew is coming to tea!

WELL I NEVER...guess who popped by the old dog basket today (hot off the train from the National Gallery an’ all) GO on...You’ll never guess…the one and only gentleman of Picture Books and fan of all things cake related
Mr James Mayhew  - Author of the Katie books which are *GASP* 21 years old! and the delish Ella Bella books (which I have licked and yes they do taste of sugar plums!)

Look at those captivated faces!

Well after a frantic day launching his brand new Katie Trail guide at the National Gallery James stopped by for a cup of Bovril and a whirlwind interview.
We posed the following taxing questions to James and here are his answers

1.What are your top three biscuits or cakes?
Favourite biccys and cakes are Tunnock's Tea Cakes; Jolly good rich fruit cake and....hmmmm....a nice bit of flap jack. Although it pains me to overlook Battenburg and Eccles cakes. Actually, I'm sure the book Sniffer would like to know that my sister Katie used to eat Bonio dog biscuits :0) True fact!

2.Tell us about three things which inspire you...
I'm inspired by art: children's art especially; Theatre and the sets and lighting and storytelling (including operas and ballets!); and conversations about childhood, sparking memories...

3.Which 5 guests would you invite to your dream tea party?
Dream guests: Emma O'Donovan; Lassie; Greyfriar's Bobby; Snoopy and Maria Callas (just to see if she could sing high enough to make the dogs howl)

4.If you could illustrate any story which would you pick?
Only one???? Oh such cruelty. I think I'm going to choose Peter & The Wolf (but if I was allowed a poetry anthology instead I'd ask for a Child's Garden of Verse)

5.If you could collaborate with any author or illustrator who would you choose?
It would have to be someone who eats cake. Actually Clara Vulliamy really is a dream collaborator, and our Bubble & Squeak is going to be something rather special I think.

The Book Sniffer is a huge fan of the classic delights that are the Katie books and the art work never fails to astound me! (talk about giving the old masters a run for their money!) One is terrible excited about the imminent publication of Katie in Scotland - I hope she brings me back a haggis..or at the very least a deep fried Mars bar!!
and the Ella Bella books...GASP their Royal pinkness is a sight to behold... If a sugar mouse could choose it's favourite book it  would be an Ella Bella (look out for Ella Bella Swan Lake - coming soon in paper back and well worth a sniff!)

James is a keen blogger so check him out ...

Ella Bella - tasty as a sugar plum!
With THANKS to James Mayhew for contributing - He really is a gent
P.S Here are the Katie Books  They are worth a peep - take a look!

James and some cake and biscuits

you must also keep a beady eye out for "BOY" coming soon and utterly sublime!

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