Sunday 20 February 2011

An exclusive Book Sniffer poem written by Caryl Hart ..and Roo!

Oh, and my owner award winning author Caryl Hart wrote this rubbish poems about me (Roo).  I'm sure I could do better.

Two floppy ears
One black nose
One waggy tail
and twenty scratchy toes
Head by the fire
Ready for a doze
Roo says woof woof
Everywhere she goes

My dog likes to lie
so close to the fire
I'm surprised she doesn't fry her brain.

Roo Roo
Ate my shoe
Trod in goo
Smells like poo

She says she thinks they are quite good, but my poem is better.  Here it is:

Food food give me some
If you don't I'll bite your bum.

Not bad for a dog, eh?  Do I win a prize?

Love, licks and sniffs up the bottom


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