Wednesday 23 February 2011

A letter from the Emerald Isle ...

Well I never, guess what landed in the old dog basket today! A letter from a school of Book Sniffer fans all the way over in Ireland. What a splendid surprise, I made myself a cup of Bovril, set out a plate of boney-o's and donned my reading spectacles.

Here I am reading my letter - I think I look terribly sophisticated in my specs!

The children at this school obviously love picture books as much as I do because they sent me a whole page listing their favourites! But that's not all,  they had also drawn some pictures of me *blush* (Mini-Picasso's in the making and that's for sure....)

Some pressing questions for the Book Sniffer

They also sent a list of fabulous questions
And here, dear little people are my answers...

  1. I learnt to read when I was a wee pup! Tis of course a very important skill to have, I expect your teachers help you to learn to recognise letters and words and then all of the sudden whole stories begin to jump out of the pages - What Fun! My second most favourite thing to do apart from read is to have stories read to me which I love!
  2. There are lovely picture books EVERYWHERE - I used to visit the library because they have so many to choose from but I had to go in disguise dressed as an old lady because there was a big sign on the door which read NO DOGS ALLOWED (I ask you why ever not!) Now often spend whole rainy afternoons in book shops sipping a pupacchino in the book store coffee shop
  3. I don't have any owners (I'm my own boss) but I do have lot's and lot's of friends! I hope I can count you as my friends now too.
  4. " How do I do" I do very well thank you very much for asking...
  5.  "Nice weather for ducks" you might say - rainy days are perfect for staying inside buried in a pile of picture books.
  6. I lick the tip of one paw and gently turn the pages - sometimes I nuzzle them with my snubby snout!
  7. Mouse and I are like two peas in a pod and I would be lonely without her - (but don't tell her that) we have lot's in common, we are both black and white, we both .....errum that may well be about all we have in common but she is still my best friend. She likes books about Vampires so mostly she is far too cool to hang out with me...or so she thinks!
  8. I couldn't possibly decide on my favourite picture book - because I LOVE them all...but I do like to choose a favorite "Book Du Jour" (Book of the day in French don't cha know) and I like to write about all my particular faves on here!
  9. I would love to come and visit you in Ireland but alas I must stay here in London to look after Mouse (I would bring her with me but she gets terribly sea sick on the ferry!)
Thank you so much for taking the trouble to write me such a lovely letter!

I will send you two of my favorite books by way of thanks - They are written by super talented author Emma Dodd and they are about a cat and a dog - they are called "
I don't want a posh dog" and "I don't want a cool cat"  I'm sure you will love them as much as I do!

With Kind Regards and lot's of Boney-o's

Mr P Book Sniffer

P.S Emma Dodd will be visiting the Book Sniffer next week! Stay tuned...

P.P.S Mouse came over all over peculiar and  to show just how much she loved your letter, she made a nest out of it!

A mouse nest!

Dreaming about R-Patz

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