Saturday 19 February 2011

Big Rabbit's Bad Mood!

BIG Rabbit’s Bad Mood – by Ramona Badescu Illustrated by Delphine Durand
A lovely sckritchy-scratchy grainy pink cover with a huge beaming orange rabbit on the front, BIG Rabbit’s Bad Mood couldn’t help but bunny hop off the shelf and into my dog basket!
Big Rabbit  - snuggling up with the Book Sniffer

BIG Rabbit finds himself co-habiting with a dreadful bad mood, manifesting itself as a galumphing oaf of a sludge coloured creature. ( I’m not beyond the odd bad tempered episode when Mouse leaves her dratted half chewed “toys” all about the place.) but the"mood" in this book is something else!
Big Rabbit is desperate to shake off his undesirable new acquaintance but alas no matter what Rabbit does “The Mood” just won’t budge.

VERY uncouth

Rabbit calls his friends and even his mum to try to cheer himself up but with no joy as the mood makes himself at home.  Almost at his wits end Rabbit opens the door to a surprise guest (or two) as all his friends turn up for a surprise party with a huge pancake stack just for good measure.

If you have had a tough week at the factory and there is a then get your mitts on a copy of BIG Rabbit’s Bad Mood – you’ll be guffawing at Rabbits misfortune so much that you may even forget that small grey miserable creature that has been following you about.
Book Sniffer awards this book 4 bogeys out of 5 – SPLENDID

Images (c) Delphine Durand

I did chuckle to myself when I spotted a picture of “the mood” lounging on Rabbits sofa wiping bogeys wily nilly all about the place – something I have reprimanded Mouse about on numerous occasions.

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