Wednesday 16 February 2011

Foxly's Feast - By Owen Davey - Published by Templar Publishing

Get Ready to Sniff...Foxly's Feast by Owen Davey Published by Templar Publishing
After a fraught day out at Fortnums purchasing Gentleman's Relish for my tea
I thought I should probably pop into
Hatchards to make sure I hadn't missed any significant sniffing opportunities, well quelle horreu, it turns out I had! and it was on this occasion that I stumbled upon Foxly's Feast by Owen Davey.

Thank the big Alsatian in the sky that there are a few book shops which still
stock hardback picture books without fear of the whole literary world crumbling around their ears.

Having trotted briskly home with said purchase under one paw I settled myself in my basket with my pate and crackers.

Would you believe it...this book is completely naked in the word department...not a single one...
totally void - A revelation! what an opportunity,
I'm not saying I like the sound of my own voice but lorks what fun being able to make up your very own story and being able to change the words every single time!


Not a single word!

Well let me tell you, Foxly isn't your run of the mill cunning fox type, he reminds me
of my long lost cousin Federico - (never recovered after the introduction of wheelie bins in East Croydon) although shedding a few pounds certainly suited him!
Well Foxly was in the same predicament ever so hungry and looking for a tasty morsel (some gentleman's relish perhaps)

You may think a hungry fox would make a beeline for the nearest scrummy bunny but no, not Foxly, instead he hunts round for tasty treats inviting his friends to a picnic along the way.

The story climaxes in a fabulous gluttonous picnic.
What better after gorging ones self on a delicious feast than a well earned
nap and that is just what Foxly does...and after such a satisfying story that is precisely what I am going to do now.

That's a big fat 4 boney-o's out of 5 for Foxly!
Good Night fellow Book Sniffers.

Look Foxly is a Book Sniffer too!

"After this can we read Twilight?" ~ Mouse

The Great Paper Caper - By Oliver Jeffers
Where the Wild Things Are - By Maurice SendakEric - By Shaun Tan

Images (c) Macmillan Prize commended Owen Davey - Thanks to Templar Publishing -


  1. Dear Mr Sniffer,
    I was delighted to be directed to your most informative blog by our mutual friend Ms O'Donovan. Thank you in particular for this splendid review which brings two important questions to mind:
    1, is Foxly's Feast better-suited to daytime reading with young pups or can a tired parent easily summon the words not provided by the author at the end of a busy day?
    2, how is the Gentleman's Relish at Fortnum's these days? As mentioned previously I am a tired (and busy) parent and haven't managed to peruse Fortnum's delights of late.
    I would be most grateful for your thoughts on these important matters.
    Yours sincerely,
    Mr A Sharp

  2. Dear Mr A Sharp -
    1 - I have a copy which I am more than happy to lend you for pup reading, although one corner has been brutally chewed by one mischievious Mouse-Cat (much to my dismay - Natch)I would advise that the only words which will need to be mustered on one such evening are as follows "nom nom?"..."nom nom?"..."ahh"..."Blub blub"..."NOM NOM NOM!" Hurah - Thank you and Goodnight!
    2- The Relish I find is not quite as good as it used to be, I fear that dear old F&M cater more for the passing tourist trade than for stalwart regulars such as myself - I think on my next foray into the gourmet world of Fortnums I may dabble in a little Goose Foie Gras en Gelee and see how that goes down with the old Boney-o's.
    I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to drop by and say Hello!
    Yours Mr P Book Sniffer


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